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Alicia is an international photographer who photographs wedding in an elegant, classical way, whose goal is to show the nature of the couple. Graceful, dynamic, modern, stylish are the tools Alicia concentrates in creating stunning imagery and tasteful photos to make the public fall in love with photos and portraits all over. 


Alicia Reyes brings art and passion since she was born, in Managua, Nicaragua. Her education at a Catholic school run by the Order of St. Teresa of Jesus, strengthened the moral and spiritual values acquired in the home of her parents, two Nicaraguan journalists who covers a variety of issues, both domestic and international, and have traveled various continents, which has had much influence on her worldview.


Her vocation for art emerged from the first years of primary and secondary school, where she was cultivating her love, especially in the world of theatre, acting and photography.

Upon graduating from high school, she did not hesitate to enter the prestigious acting academies of Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre of Arts, in Hollywood, where she participated in several plays.


She took an important decision for her future career. Perfecting the art of photography..

Her studies at SMC are therefore the result of a long, tenacious and thoughtful planning of her career and personal life. Married with two kids, her inspirations has been a constant and struggle to overcome.

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